Instagram line breaks & fonts generator

This tool allows you to add line breaks and special fonts to your Instagram caption.

How to add line breaks to your Insta caption?

  1. Go to, then go to the Instagram line breaks & fonts generator
  2. Enter your caption like how you would do on Instagram
  3. When you're done, copy it and we will add some invisible character that will trick IG so they will not remove your line breaks

By default Instagram will remove every line break you add. Our tool adds some special invisible characters that will trick Instagram so they will not remove your line breaks.

How do I add special fonts?

Simply enter the text of your bio/legend in the text box. You can change the font of any part of your text by selecting the part you want to change and clicking on the button of the associated font.

When you're done, just click on "copy" and your text will be in your clipboard! Then, paste this text where you want on Instagram, either on the job description or on your profile bio.

How does it work?

To understand how this tool works, you need to start with the Unicode consensus, they are the ones who create and manage standards for character encoding. By encoding, means transforming numbers into readable characters. The main mission of Unicode when it was created in 1980 was to allow a computer speaking one language to communicate with another speaking another language. At that time, computers spoke mainly in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) which was limited to 128 characters. It wasn't really an issue at that time because communication between computers was limited to the United States, but when that was no longer the case, solutions had to be found to communicate between countries, some of which had their own characters!

Unicode has therefore taken on the task of creating a new encoding standard based on ASCII (and backwards compatible with it) to allow communication between several languages with the same encoding. That's how the UTF-8 standard appeared. By the way, it is also thanks to the Unicode consensus that emojis are added, they choose among proposals and add them.

But that doesn't explain everything. Indeed the Unicode consensus is great, it's thanks to them that the same site can have both acrylic and Arabic script on the same page but it doesn't explain how bold, italic, and some weirder characters appeared. All these characters, which derive from the ones you can see on your keyboard, were introduced at the request of mathematicians, linguists or other academics who wanted to be able to easily transmit their formulas in emails and on their websites. That's how we currently end up with more than 1,112,064 characters in UTF-8 encoding!

Regarding line breaks, Instagam removes them if there are no characters on the line. This tool adds by itself an invisible character to make Instagram believe that there is a character on the line and thus not delete the line!

Is it safe to use special fonts in your Instagram caption?

It is not a problem. Instagram is not going to ban you because you use this kind of characters. However, you should know that these special fonts are a real problem for people with visual disabilities who use a screen reader. Indeed, with normal characters the reader will dictate the sentence to them normally but with special characters, the reader will not understand and will dictate each character one by one. Therefore they should be used as little as possible.